Arculus™: The Three Competitive Differentiators Driving Market Adoption

Arculus Crypto Cold Storage

Arculus Crypto Cold Storage

Arculus™ is an emergent crypto cold storage and management wallet that provides advanced , multi-level utility. Engineered by CompoSecure LLC, a market leader in premium financial payment cards and emergent cryptocurrency cold storage provider, and in partnership with Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: DBDR) (“Roman DBDR”), Arculus™ competes directly with preexistent crypto cold and hot wallet market leaders. This article will report on the three key adoptability differentiators of Arculus™ that seek to position the service for success as the future of the crypto ecosystem and consumer demands unfold.


A critical differentiator for Arculus™ in the cryptocurrency storage market is its dynamic utility. Arculus™ directly competes with both hot and cold crypto storage providers through its mobile app, Arculus Wallet™ that enables digital trading, swaps, and storage, alongside the Arculus Key™ Card, which is similar to a payment card with tap-to-transact ease of use. 

Arculus™ equips the Arculus Key™ Card, which stores the private keys of users’ digital assets. To access the private keys, users must tap the Arculus Key™ card to their mobile device before sending or swapping digital assets on the Arculus Wallet™. The Arculus Key™ card uses FIDO and NFC authentication technology to enable the touch confirmation between the card and mobile device, and no digital assets can be sent or swapped without confirmation of identity with the tap of the Arculus Key™ card.

The Arculus Wallet™ competes directly with crypto hot wallets like MetaMask and the Coinbase Wallet with its in-app storage, management, and trading capabilities. The Arculus Wallet™ allows users to buy, sell, send, receive, and swap cryptocurrencies, including a fiat-to-crypto onramp. With its all-in-one functionality, Arculus’™ dynamic utility gives it a competitive advantage in the segmented crypto hot and cold storage markets.


Another critical feature that stokes user adoption alongside changing digital asset consumer demands is Arculus’™ distinct security features. Arculus™ employs three-factor authentication security, a natural and more secure progression from widely-used two-factor authentication methods. The three levels of security for Arculus™ include:

  1. Something you are: The Arculus Wallet™ app uses biometric security on mobile devices, including fingerprint and facial recognition.
  2. Something you know: Access to the Arculus Wallet™ app requires a 6-digit pin in addition to biometric security.
  3. Something you have: Private keys to a user’s digital assets are stored on the Arculus Key™ card. With a simple tap of the card to the device, the user unlocks access to the Arculus Wallet™ app and can now buy, sell, swap, and store their cryptocurrencies.

Arculus’™ added layer of biometric security helps the Arculus Wallet™ ensure that any user attempting to gain access to a wallet is the user themself. For the case of Arculus™, fingerprint and facial recognition make hacking into an Arculus Wallet™ exponentially more difficult.

Key Management

Last but not least, Arculus™ has a competitive edge in the cold storage space because of the easy management of the Arculus Key™ card. With the same size dimensions as typical financial payment cards like credit and debit cards, the Arculus Key™ card fits seamlessly alongside users’ payment cards that are carried daily. 

The size of the Arculus Key™ card is a critical differentiator when comparing Arculus™ to competing cold storage solutions like Ledger and Trezor, which each employ a hardware device and in some cases require a USB-connection to a computer in order to use. Trezor and Ledger’s large hardware and small screens make the wallets more complex to store and use, while the Arculus Key™ card can be stored alongside other payment cards and easily grants unlocks access to a users’ digital assets  with a simple tap to their mobile device.

Cold storage security is a critical feature in the future of digital assets. Sarson Funds seeks to provide best-in-class digital asset resources for our community on the most cutting-edge innovations and developments in crypto, and look to equip our community with a multitude of best practices as blockchain technology comes into center stage. For more on Arculus™, please visit

Arculus™ Security Advantages Position Roman DBDR at Cutting-Edge of Digital Asset Cold Storage

crypto cold storage security Arculus

crypto cold storage Arculus

Technology has changed the way people live and work. In an increasingly technological and digital world, data security is of high interest, especially when it comes to the protection of personal and financial assets. Digital assets have been an extremely sensitive topic as of late due to mounting data security concerns from hackers and the rise of quantum computing, so it is becoming critical for the populous to be confident in their control of their personal and digital assets.

Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp’s (NASDAQ: DBDR) (“Roman DBDR”) merger with CompoSecure LLC is a strategic partnership that brings leading-edge minds and resources together to address data security concerns in the digital asset space. Roman DBDR and Composecure’s merger has combined industry leadership and irrefutable expertise to bring the Arculus™ cold storage wallet to market, a highly secure way for users to buy, sell, store, and manage their digital assets. A key differentiator of Arculus™ in relation to its competition is its enhanced security features.

The Arculus Key™ card and mobile wallet take a nuanced approach to cold storage security with the EAL +6 secure element, FIDO and NFC authentication embedded in the card technology, making private key authentication as easy as using tap-to-pay services like Apple Pay.

Adam Lowe, Chief Innovation Officer at Composecure commented on the security and usability of Arculus™, stating:

Overall there’s a lot of complexity and friction that comes with using current hardware and software solutions on the market. Our goal is to remove a lot of the friction that comes with using crypto today. An example of this would be with the FIDO authentication application that lives on our patented smart card technology. Let’s say you’re in a situation where you’d want to move ten-thousand dollars out of your CoinBase account. Usually you’d need to use a form of multi-factor authentication to transact by logging into CoinBase with your password and PIN by using a third-party authenticator app such as Google Authenticator, while making sure you retrieve that PIN before the app times out…not making it the best user experience. With our app and payment card, you would simply tap the back of the phone which securely authenticates the transaction via the FIDO authentication standard and boom, that’s it. That’s what we mean when we say want to reduce the friction that comes with using crypto.

Additionally, access to the Arculus Wallet™ mobile application requires three-factor authentication, which includes a  6-digit PIN, biometric scan (thumb print or face scan), and a tap of the Arculus Key™ card to the back of your phone. Once logged in, users can buy, send, swap and store multiple cryptocurrencies on demand.

During the initial wallet setup, a series of recovery passphrases is generated. Should you ever lose your card, you can still access your wallet using those phrases until you receive a new Arculus Key™ card, as user accounts are backed up in cloud software.

Sarson Funds regards cold storage security as an essential element in the future of the maturing digital asset space. We seek to provide best-in-class digital asset resources for our community on the most cutting-edge innovations and developments in crypto, and look to equip our community with a multitude of best practices as blockchain technology comes into center stage. For more on Arculus™, please visit

Roman DBDR Merges with CompoSecure to Debut Arculus™ in Digital Asset Technology Push

Crypto cold storage

Crypto cold storage

Roman DBDR Tech Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: DBDR) (“Roman DBDR”) is a tech acquisition company focused on partnering with young companies that seek to be leaders in the next generation of technology. As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies gain widespread validation and acceptance across global industries, the digital asset ecosystem has been identified by Roman DBDR as an emergent sector of technology that demands attention. Roman DBDR’s recognition of blockchain and digital assets as a potentially lucrative investment and innovation opportunity has prompted them to merge with CompoSecure, an industry leader in the design and production of premium financial cards, to debut Arculus™, a next-generation cryptocurrency cold storage wallet.

Composecure leverages 20 years of industry leadership in payment card technology and security to engineer the future of cold storage technology for digital assets. Recalling the commonly-referenced phrase, “Not your keys not your coins,” private key ownership is what enables the transfer of digital assets; if a digital asset owner does not manage their own private keys, then the assets are not fully theirs. Cold storage gives digital asset holders full ownership of their tokens by equipping them with secure digital asset storage hardware. As the digital asset ecosystem matures, Roman DBDR and CompoSecure have broken into the digital asset space by using their expertise in financial card products to build a cold storage financial card that stores the private keys of users’ digital assets securely offline.

Current market leading cold storage products equip large, USB-like technology that can be complicated to use and store safely while on the go. Arculus™ modernizes cold storage procedures with a premium payment card and a digital application with live connection to retail crypto markets that helps Arculus™ users more comfortably store, send, purchase and trade their digital assets all in one place. Arculus™ also equips cloud storage to help mitigate the risk of loss, and employs three-factor authentication to better guarantee user identification before access to the mobile wallet is permitted.

Roman DBDR’s partnership with Composecure highlights a natural progression for Roman’s tech acquisition strategy by entering the digital asset space. Focused on emergent technology opportunities, Roman’s partnership with CompoSecure positions both companies well to fill the demands of a market eager to adopt dynamic cold storage and management technology. While innovation soars for the evolution of digital assets themselves, cold storage technology is often overlooked as an advantageous parallel. 

Sarson Funds believes that cold storage security is an essential element to the evolution and universal adoption of digital assets. We seek to provide best-in-class digital asset resources for our community on the most cutting-edge innovations and developments in the digital asset space, and believe our community must be well-equipped to practice safe digital asset security as the technology matures. For more information on Arculus, please visit

Crypto & ESG: 2021 White Paper

Crypto & ESG 2021 White Paper - Sarson Funds Research Report

Crypto & ESG 2021 White Paper - Sarson Funds Research Report

The future of finance and investments leans toward sustainability and social responsibility. ESG investing, or Environmental, Social, and Governance-focused investing, aims to facilitate the marriage between corporations and a more sustainable, equitable world.

Otherwise known as Responsible Investing, ESG assets under management (AUM) made up one third of the total US-domiciled AUM by the end of 2020, and this measure is only growing. Rising in parallel, cryptocurrencies were the best performing asset class of the last decade and are strongly aligned with the ESG mission of sustainability, social-benefit, and community governance efforts.

Through the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the crypto ecosystem is taking cutting edge approaches to sustainability in order to achieve its mission of unifying the global economy with universally sovereign financial access. Together, ESG strategies and cryptocurrencies are equipped to build a more sustainable and equitable world.

Crafted by Portfolio Manager Blake Richman, Partner Marketing Manager Liam McDonald, and Blockchain Analyst Nathan Frankovitz, the Sarson Funds Crypto & ESG White Paper presents an in-depth overview of ESG, its impact on investment decisions, and its applicability in the cryptocurrency and digital asset market. Our aim is to provide the financial advising community with a credible source to better understand the power of crypto from both Wall Street and crypto experts.

Crypto ESG White Paper Sarson Funds Cryptocurrency Financial Advisor