NFTs and Digital Asset Interoperability: The Natural Progression for Virtual Reality Metaverses



We are yet to truly experience the full capabilities of the metaverse and what movies like Ready Player One have shown us may soon be possible. As the metaverse develops, many envision it will have full integration and interoperability with blockchains and VR in order to facilitate a fully immersive digital experience. NFTs and in-game transactions for many video game experiences are currently supported by blockchain technology and will soon allow for cross-game interoperability of NFTs. Blockchain integration will unlock a new frontier for VR metaverses, adding real-time, globally verifiable data storage and exchange capabilities to the metaverse and priming the digital realm for universal application and utility.

With a blockchain-based metaverse, cross-game compatible NFTs are primed to become a quintessential feature within the digital realm. Many of these NFTs are anticipated to be functional and dynamic, with some expected to use artificial intelligence to complete tasks and interact on behalf of their respective owners. With blockchain at its core, the metaverse will become a fully interactive place that expands upon the possibilities and limitations of the real world.

In tandem with the rapid pace of metaverse development, quantum computers will soon be aiding in the effort. Quantum computers are unlocking never-before-seen computing capabilities that are redefining the bounds of our internet and the possibilities of globalization. With the ethical harnessing of quantum powers, a new era of innovation will surge across the internet, artificial intelligence, blockchains, and the metaverse, delivering a new normal that is defined by unstoppable technological evolution and societal advancement. At the heart of this new normal, functional NFTs will be a necessity in the next chapter of the digital age.

NFTs are already becoming the next standard for media delivery and exchange as media companies and artists recognize the blockchain as the most efficient and secure way to deliver movies, songs, and digital art to authenticate and verify personal ownership of these assets. With the emerging prominence of Web 3.0 and smart contracts, NFTs are on their way to becoming the standard for asset ownership and authenticity verification via the blockchain. The crypto community is eager to use the metaverse to showcase the true utility of NFTs to the world.

With the future of the metaverse heading toward interconnectivity of the digital realm, there is no better method for information and asset storage and distribution than NFTs. NFTs are primed to be at the forefront of every physical and digital asset or identification.

The future of Virtual Reality lies in the metaverse and the crypto ecosystem. Led by VR and Metaverse leaders such as VAIL VR, Google and Microsoft, VR leaders are pushing the bounds of innovation to make the metaverse the most immersive experience for users. As functionality for interoperable metaverses and digital assets develops, the metaverse is eager to become the first model for real world, scalable and fully-functional applications of virtual reality and digital asset integration.

VAIL VR: Applying Virtual Reality, Metaverse and Crypto Integration

As the metaverse develops with NFT functionality, we also recognize that virtual reality will be a quintessential feature in the metaverse. VAIL VRa leading virtual reality game, is demonstrating how virtual reality metaverses can integrate with NFTs. Their upcoming VAILIENS NFT drop on illustrates how VR video games can and should be utilizing digital assets to elevate gamers’ experiences across the metaverse. As alternative metaverses build out their blockchain and VR capabilities, VAIL VR models a multifaceted framework for how VR metaverses can and should operate.

For more information about virtual reality, the metaverse, and NFTs, be sure to download the Sarson Funds VR Gamer’s Guide to NFTs, here.

Popcorn, Platform Using DeFi for Good, to have Token Launch Auction (TLA) Starting November 29th

Popcorn Token Launch Auction

Popcorn Token Launch Auction

(Boston, Massachusetts) – Popcorn,  a new platform for decentralized finance where yield-generating products simultaneously contribute to social impact, just announced its Token Launch Auction (TLA), which will take place on Monday, November, 29th, 2021 at ​​8:00:00 AM UTC. The token launch will be the first opportunity for the general public to join the PopcornDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, by acquiring the POP governance token. This is a 2.5 day, multi-chain event for the Popcorn community where all proceeds raised will go to the Popcorn Treasury, a smart contract entirely controlled by the Popcorn token holders.

Members of the PopcornDAO, or POP token holders, are eligible to participate in governance, specifically in beneficiary nominations and grant elections. They determine which beneficiaries receive a percentage of earned protocol fees on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and are incentivized to do so with POP rewards. Token holders have the ability to vote on proposals that influence the parameters of Popcorn’s smart contracts and are also incentivized to run keeper nodes to maintain smart contract performance. Additionally, yield farming and staking incentives will be available for token holders who use Popcorn’s yield-generating DeFi products.

“The token launch auction is the first opportunity for the general public to buy POP and participate in governance. The purpose of the event is to distribute governance to a broader community, inject liquidity into the Popcorn ecosystem, and initiate price discovery for POP,” said Michael Kisselgof, co-founder of Popcorn.

Popcorn is aiding a revolutionary shift in global systems through accessible DeFi products that align financial wellbeing with positive global impact. By incorporating social and environmental impact into the very foundation of the protocol, Popcorn’s DeFi primitives and products can be used to fund social impact and non-profit organizations. By virtue of using Popcorn, you are doing good.

Prior to the TLA, Popcorn raised $6 million in funding from notable investment groups, including Jump Capital, New Form Capital, Kenetic Capital, Cakebox Capital, The LAO, Impossible Finance, The Crypto Founders Network, Big Brain Holdings, Hestia Holdings, Amino Capital, Humlo Ventures, and angels from MakerDAO, IBM, NASA, Google, and Deloitte.

To take part in the token launch, users will need to have USDC on either the Ethereum or Polygon chain. It only takes a few steps to get funds ready, but individuals will want to prepare them as soon as possible since withdrawals from centralized exchanges can take time to process. For more information about Popcorn’s Token Launch Auction Event, please see the FAQ and the Step-by-Step Guide.


– POP Tokens Offered : 3,750,000

– When? 11/29/2021 ~8:00:00 AM UTC until 12/1/2021 ~8:00:00 PM UTC

– Where? POP/USDC Copper Token Launch Auction Pool

Virtual Reality meets Blockchain: AEXLAB to Launch Auction of VAILIENS NFTs at NFT BZL Nov. 30th


AEXLAB is a virtual reality technology studio that has launched VAIL VR, a leading virtual reality game. VAIL VR is pioneering the future of virtual reality metaverses, and seeks to lead this emerging space through innovation and exploration into the next chapter of reality. AEXLAB is bringing blockchain technology into the VR metaverse through VAILIENS NFTs, the in-game pets for your VAIL VR avatars. This past week, VAIL VR has announced the official 6 breeds of VAILIENS NFTs. These breeds – Arix, Erro, Romi, Kivaa, Talin, and Xoog – have been outlined in the VAILIENS NFT Auction Information Guide. Each breed of VAILIENS will have different features, benefits, and their own specialities.

VAILIENS Utilities

  1. VAILIENS are VR social pets that are interact-able, usable, and playable.
  2. A lifelong battle pass to receive airdrops of exclusive in-game items.
  3. Serves as a community member token to access social servers, game modes, and VAIL Citadel.
  4. Partnering with VR studios to pioneer VR asset interoperability.

With ownership of your NFTs verified on the blockchain, no one else can own or use the same VAILIEN as you – your character is completely unique. AEXLAB’s vision is that distribution and authentication of VAILIENS as NFTs will enable cross-game compatibility as the blockchain-based metaverse matures.

The VAILIENS sale will be an english-style auction lasting three consecutive days, starting on November 30th, 2021 and concluding on December 2nd. Across the three days of auctions, 6,000 VAILIENS NFTs will be sold. The pets will be differentiated by six separate breeds consisting of 1,000 NFTs, each with their own unique auction. The starting floor for each breed will be 0.1 ETH and have no price discrimination. At the end of the auction, the VAILIENS NFTs will be minted and distributed to the auction winners.

After the VAILIENS drop, a fourth auction day will consist of the sale of 100 VAIL Citadel Membership cards, which are special access social club cards that allow players to get premier access to the VAIL clubhouse, interact with the founders and developers, and receive first looks at features being created for the VAIL metaverse.

For more information on the VAIL VR NFT drop, please visit and view the Sarson Funds NFT Investor Guide to VAILIENS, here. For more information on Virtual Reality, the Metaverse, NFTS, and the future of gaming, please check out the Sarson Funds VR Gamer’s Guide to NFTs, here.