Liam McDonald Jul 12 . 2 min

Loopring: Avoid Ethereum Transaction Costs with This Provocative DEX

Weekly Analyst Thoughts Loopring Pay Last week, the cryptocurrency community found itself in the midst of a mini bull run.

Liam McDonald Jul 5 . < 1 min

Curve Pool Gives Investors New Exposures Through Liquidity Pooling

Weekly Analyst Thoughts Curve Pool Defi recently welcomed a new development to its space: Curve Pool. Curve Pool brings together

Liam McDonald Jun 28 . < 1 min

Balancer Token’s Release Provokes Momentum For the Defi Space

Weekly Analyst Thoughts Balancer Token Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have predicted that most future trading will take place on decentralized exchanges, such

Liam McDonald Jun 21 . < 1 min

DeFi Welcomes Compound Finance: What Investors Need to Watch for this Week

Weekly Analyst Thoughts Compound Finance Compound Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows cryptocurrency users to borrow and

Liam McDonald Jun 14 . 2 min

Balancer: Changing the Game With Offering of Self-Balancing Funds

Weekly Analyst Thoughts Balancer: Offering New Exposure to Crypto Through Liquidity Pools There is a new addition to the DeFi

Liam McDonald Jun 7 . 2 min

Tether: The Whales Behind the Bitcoin Price Movement of June 1st. 

WEEKLY ANALYST THOUGHTS: 6/4/20 BEHIND THE BITCOIN PRICE MOVEMENT OF JUNE 1ST Last week was momentous for the crypto world.

Liam McDonald May 28 . 2 min

Synthetix: Bridging the Stock Market with the Crypto World

WEEKLY ANALYST THOUGHTS: 5/28/20 Synthetix: Bridging the Stock Market with the Crypto World Key Takeaways: Synthetix, a decentralized synthetic asset

Liam McDonald May 21 . 2 min

Bitcoin: Increased Scalability Before Next Bull Run

Weekly Analyst Thoughts: 5/21/20 Is Bitcoin ready? Key Takeaways: The cryptocurrency industry was not ready for the bull run in