Sarson Funds Jan 28 . 2 min

Bitcoin: An Emergent Long-Term Store of Value

A significant number of cryptocurrency investors view Bitcoin as both a long-term store of value as well as a digital

Sarson Funds Jan 10 . 4 min

2019: What a Year in Crypto!

New Year’s greetings! Let’s celebrate what a great 2019 it was for crypto … Don’t let the fake news convince you otherwise.

Sarson Funds Jan 8 . 2 min

The 2010s Belonged to Bitcoin: So What’s in Store for the 2020s?

Bitcoin pessimism seemed in vogue at the end of 2019, as the largest cryptocurrency tumbled 30% from September 2 to

Sarson Funds Jan 6 . 2 min

Sarson Funds’ Second Bold Bitcoin Prediction Predicated on Rising Geo-Political Instability and Increased Regulatory Clarity

Cryptocurrency Manager John Sarson: As international political uncertainty casts ominous clouds over an otherwise positive economic narrative, one thing is

Sarson Funds Jan 2 . 2 min

A Breakdown of the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020: What Investors Need to Know

Introduced in draft form to the House of Representatives on Friday, December 20, 2019, the much anticipated Crypto-Currency Act of

Sarson Funds Dec 23 . 2 min

Christmas Comes Early to Cryptocurrency Firms: The Crypto-Currency Act of 2020

The much anticipated Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 was introduced in draft form to the House of Representatives on Friday, Dec

Sarson Funds Dec 6 . 3 min

Dear Mom & Dad, It’s Time We Had “The Bitcoin Talk”

Dear Mom and Dad, it’s time we talked about Bitcoin. We know you aren’t going to like hearing this, but

Sarson Funds Nov 2 . 3 min

China Lands First Blow in Global Blockchain Wars

As lawmakers jockey to chastise technology leaders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (for the dastardly future crime of earning potential profits

Sarson Funds Nov 2 . < 1 min

Institutional Cryptocurrency Adoption Grows as CME Bitcoin Futures See Record Growth

CME Group Inc, the world’s largest futures exchange, continues to see record growth in Bitcoin Futures. According to the recently released CME Report, greater Bitcoin market adoption led to robust volume of 5,534 contracts traded per day in Q3, +10% vs. Q3 2018 and higher than all previous quarters except Q2 2019.

Sarson Funds Oct 22 . < 1 min

These New IRS Tax Guidelines Are a Must-Read for Cryptocurrency Investors

The Internal Revenue Service continued its discovery and adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets into the United States financial system