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China Lands First Blow in Global Blockchain Wars

As lawmakers jockey to chastise technology leaders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (for the dastardly future crime of earning potential profits

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Institutional Cryptocurrency Adoption Grows as CME Bitcoin Futures See Record Growth

CME Group Inc, the world’s largest futures exchange, continues to see record growth in Bitcoin Futures. According to the recently released CME Report, greater Bitcoin market adoption led to robust volume of 5,534 contracts traded per day in Q3, +10% vs. Q3 2018 and higher than all previous quarters except Q2 2019.

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These New IRS Tax Guidelines Are a Must-Read for Cryptocurrency Investors

The Internal Revenue Service continued its discovery and adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets into the United States financial system

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Holochain gets HOT: Blockchain Momentum Update

What Worked Doge (DOGE) has continued it’s run from last week reaching a height of 170% gain over 8 days

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XET and Electroneum in Focus: Blockchain Momentum Latest

What Worked Etranl Token (XET) ran up 941% this week. The coin is looking to be the lowest cost solution

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ZRX Coinbase Debut: Blockchain Momentum Latest

What Worked Havven (HAV)- This stable coin is up 59% this week as rumors about tether spread. 0x (ZRX)- 0x

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Decred (DCR) Sparks Interest: Blockchain Momentum Latest

What Worked Odyssey r(OCN) an up 37.92% this week as the market heated up. Decred (DCR) spiked a little over

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Financial Advisors: Help Crypto Inquisitive Clients Understand Blockchain Basics

Attractive Bitcoin prices and long awaited regulatory recognition of this new asset class will have many investors look to consider

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Navigating the Bitcoin Dip: Blockchain Insider Report – 11.30.2018

In this week’s edition of the Blockchain Insider Report, the traders discuss strategies to navigate the recent fall in BTC

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Hedge Fund: Buy Before Bitcoin’s Big Day on Jan 2nd

Bitcoin reached bottom in December 2018 at $3150. Starting January 2, 2019, a wave of Wall Street money will prime