Sarson Funds Apr 15 . < 1 min

As Markets Fall, Financial Advisors Seek Cryptocurrency Regulatory Clarity Amid Crypto-Lobby Infighting

Financial advisors support the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020, as stonewalling from cryptocurrency advocacy groups threatens to derail digital asset oversight

Sarson Funds Mar 23 . 3 min

How to Trade Bitcoin During the Quarantine

Executive Summary: Don’t use Bitcoin to play a bounce in crypto, use Ethereum instead. Cryptocurrency markets fell as much as

Sarson Funds Mar 6 . < 1 min

Large Coin Fund Makes BarclayHedge’s Top 5 Crypto Fund List

For Immediate Release:  Sarson Funds is pleased to announce that BarclayHedge has named our Large Coin Fund, Blockchain Momentum LP,

Sarson Funds Mar 3 . 3 min

March Crypto Market Update – 2020

What an exciting start to the year for investors in cryptocurrency and traditional assets alike. I am immediately reminded of the

Sarson Funds Jan 28 . 2 min

Bitcoin: An Emergent Long-Term Store of Value

A significant number of cryptocurrency investors view Bitcoin as both a long-term store of value as well as a digital

Sarson Funds Jan 10 . 4 min

2019: What a Year in Crypto!

New Year’s greetings! Let’s celebrate what a great 2019 it was for crypto … Don’t let the fake news convince you otherwise.

Sarson Funds Jan 8 . 2 min

The 2010s Belonged to Bitcoin: So What’s in Store for the 2020s?

Bitcoin pessimism seemed in vogue at the end of 2019, as the largest cryptocurrency tumbled 30% from September 2 to

Sarson Funds Jan 6 . 2 min

Sarson Funds’ Second Bold Bitcoin Prediction Predicated on Rising Geo-Political Instability and Increased Regulatory Clarity

Cryptocurrency Manager John Sarson: As international political uncertainty casts ominous clouds over an otherwise positive economic narrative, one thing is

Sarson Funds Jan 2 . 2 min

A Breakdown of the Crypto-Currency Act of 2020: What Investors Need to Know

Introduced in draft form to the House of Representatives on Friday, December 20, 2019, the much anticipated Crypto-Currency Act of

Sarson Funds Dec 23 . 2 min

Christmas Comes Early to Cryptocurrency Firms: The Crypto-Currency Act of 2020

The much anticipated Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 was introduced in draft form to the House of Representatives on Friday, Dec