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Cryptocurrency Investing FAQ

Digital Assets are uncorrelated to bonds, stocks and any other traditional asset. The Federal Reserve has described digital assets as a brand-new asset class and are intrigued by the innovation the asset brings to finance. Historically, cryptocurrencies have yielded strong sharpe ratios, meaning you get substantial investment return versus the volatile risk. In modern portfolio theory, digital assets are a great tool that helps diversify a portfolio as they are uncorrelated to other traditional assets and have historically held high sharpe ratios.

There are many use cases for cryptocurrencies; however, on a macro level, two use cases are in high demand.

1. In countries where governments poorly manage their money supplies, creating hyperinflation, the citizens of these countries have protected their wealth by moving commerce into cryptocurrencies. You can see this in Venezuela and Africa in this world-wide heat map of cryptocurrency use:

2. In the U.S., Wall Street is jumping into Cryptocurrency as it is a disruptor to typical storages of value like gold. Gold is physical and must be stored and moved. These physical transactions are costly. The cost to use Bitcoin to replace gold as a store of value is much more efficient.

Within the cryptocurrency industry there are still innovations users want. Some coins want to decentralize digital currency contracts, making payments happen automatically based on certain criteria. Other coins are working to improve the privacy of cryptocurrencies, while others focus on the problem of remittance. Each cryptocurrency is vying to improve on the foundation of cryptocurrencies so that they are part of the mass adoption of digital assets
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No, let Sarson Funds do it

The fees for the Sarson Funds cryptocurrency investment funds are below:

1. Blockchain Momentum, LP has a 2% management fee and a 20% incentive allocation.

2. Fifth Khagan, LP has a 2% management fee and a 20-30% incentive allocation.