Crypto & Income Portfolio

US-Listed Cryptocurrencies

20% Target Annual Yield

$50k Minimum Investment

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Harness Cryptocurrency Volatility

The Crypto & Income Fund is the first fund in the cryptocurrency space to turn one of the biggest complaints about investing in cryptocurrency – volatility – into a useful feature: current income. The portfolio achieves this through the implementation of a covered call writing program that covers several of the largest cryptocurrencies trading on established US based exchanges.  The fund also utilizes Staking and Masternodes to generate current income for its Limited Partners.  Distributions are made available monthly or can be reinvested into the Partnership.

From the Fund Manager

By the Numbers

At a Glance

AX Momentum, LP is designed to generate monthly income for investors by selling  rolling “covered” call options on large cap cryptocurrency holdings.  Investors in the fund can participate in the growth of cryptocurrency adoption while generating high levels of monthly income. It is the opinion of the General Partner that the call premium generated by writing covered call options on a diversified basket of large cap cryptocurrencies could generate annual income in excess of 20%.

Strategy Overview

Investment Process

Qualified US-Listed Cryptocurrencies

The fund is designed to generate monthly income for investors by selling rolling call options on qualified US-listed cryptocurrency holdings and by participating in staking and masternode opportunities unique to cryptocurrency markets.

Managed Volatility

Option premiums and cryptocurrency staking rewards can offer a boost to the total returns earned by cryptocurrency investors in down or sideways markets.