Large Coin Strategy

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

$1bn Market Cap Eligibility

$50k Minimum Investment

Learn about the Large Coin Fund

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Rules-based Diversification

Blockchain Momentum, LP uses a rules-based investment process to strategically diversify partnership capital across the most successful large-cap cryptocurrencies

At a Glance

Blockchain Momentum, LP’s proprietary rules-based investment process identifies positive price momentum and specific price trends to strategically allocate capital to the 10 largest cryptocurrencies.

Strategy Overview

Investment Process

10 Largest Cryptocurrencies

Partnership assets are invested in up to 10 qualifying large-cap cryptocurrencies using a modified market-cap weighting methodology that is designed to overweight coins that are seeing the most rapid adoption.

Pre-Screened Holdings

All portfolio holdings must satisfy proprietary "pre-regulatory" compliance screening and portfolio eligibility testing. Investments are analyzed and traded daily; target portfolios are reconstituted and rebalanced monthly.