Small Coin Strategy

Up to 40 Altcoin Holdings

Max 20% Single Token Holding

$50k Minimum Investment

Learn about the Small Coin Fund

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Multi-Trader, Multi-Strategy

Fifth Khagan LP is multi-trader multi-strategy and seeks to maximize returns by investing in undiscovered and emerging small-cap cryptocurrencies, typically with a total market capitalization of $250mm or less.

At a Glance

In normal conditions the fund invests 80% of its capital in altCoins that trade on public exchanges and up to 20% of its capital in off-exchange investments such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), masternodes and staking opportunities.

Strategy Overview

Investment Process

Multi-Trader & Multi-Strategy

Utilizing a multi-strategy, multi-trader approach, we leverage our firm's Wall Street experience to bring institutional standards for research and risk management to small-cap cryptocurrency investing. We have developed an exclusive network of blockchain analysts and cryptocurrency insiders that provide our traders with a consistent informational advantage.

Number of Holdings: 20-40