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Synthetix: Bridging the Stock Market with the Crypto World


Key Takeaways:

  1. Synthetix, a decentralized synthetic asset accessibility platform, is bridging the gap between the developing world and finance.
  2. An Ethereum-based network, the Synthetix Network Token operates as a collateral for synthetic assets (stocks, index funds, etc.), providing those with an internet connection access to financial markets via smart contracts, avoiding third party exchanges.
  3. Synthetix will soon offer a derivatives trading platform, giving the layman direct, decentralized access to the options market.

The majority of the developing world lacks significant access to the financial markets. Luckily, Synthetix, a new blockchain platform, is working to bridge the gap between the third world and Wall Street. Built on the Ethereum platform, the Synthetix Network Token provides anyone with an internet connection access to stocks, indexes, commodities, FOREX, and cryptocurrencies. Eliminating the liquidity problem of formal exchanges, the Synthetix Network Token acts as a collateral between investors and synthetic assets, enabling international investors to interact with the financial markets without the risk of third-party platforms to perform the transaction. The traditional finance world bars many without the financial positioning to pass the rigorous KYC/AML checks, which is a significant factor to the continuation of the cycle of poverty the world outside Wall Street experiences. Synthetix breaks down these barriers.

As the Robinhood of blockchain technology seeks to level the playing field for investors worldwide, Synthetix is also launching a derivatives trading platform, giving the layman direct, decentralized access to the options market. With their options exchange, the Synthetix platform eliminates entry obstacles to the financial world for allow anyone with an internet connection.

By Jacob Stelter


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