Defi Highlight: Yield Farming Token Auctus Surges in Volume

Weekly Analyst Thoughts


With great risk comes great reward. This is the case with Auctus, a decentralized options platform that recently broke into the Defi Pulse scene and is offering a liquidity mining rewards program. Auctus is becoming a burgeoning Defi options platform that aims to compete with Deribit as it continues to establish its network effect. Below, find a graph of the current TVL (Total Value Locked) within the Auctus platform and notice the gravity of its growth over the last month.


Also, compare the Auctus options platform below with Deribit and notice the similarities in the user interface.



In sum, Auctus is an aggressive, low market cap, Defi yield farming coin that is looking like it will have a fruitful future.

By Jacob Stelter