Electron Cash Wallet and CashFusion Tutorial

Bitcoin Cash Electron Cash Wallet Cash Cushion

Bitcoin Cash Electron Cash Wallet Cash Cushion

This purpose of this guide is to show Bitcoin Cash users how to set up both Electron Cash and CashFusion.

One misconception people have with Bitcoin Cash is that it is totally anonymous, but in reality, it’s not. Bitcoin Cash is pseudo-anonymous. CashFusion is an application for Bitcoin Cash that provides optional privacy. CashFusion is a protocol that automatically mixes a user’s coins together and creates a collection of false positives. In supplement, Electron Cash utilizes combination math to create false positives, roughly 152 false positives per transaction. Electron Cash creates the appearance that money is flowing from multiple outlets and thus is pretty much impossible to find the actual source of the transaction.

Step 1: Navigate to https://electroncash.org/ and download Electron Cash. Electron Cash is where users run CashFusion.

Step 2: Use a https://www.bitcoin.com/ wallet to purchase Bitcoin Cash. The user can buy instantly with a debit card or send existing BCH to their Electron Cash wallet. Once the user has Electron Cash downloaded and installed on their computer, follow these steps to initiate a CashFusion.

Step 3: Open the Electron Cash Application on your computer. Create a wallet. Click Standard Wallet” then click Next.

Step 4: You will see a string of 12 words. This is your seed phrase, write this down and store it in a safe place. This will be the only way you can possibly recover your wallet. Do not store this on your computer. Write it down in the exact order you see displayed on your screen. click Next.”

Step 5: Once you have your seed Phrase written down, you will be prompted to confirm your phrase on the next page. Type it the same way you wrote it down.

Step 6: You will be promoted to make a password to confirm your transactions. This is different than your seed phrase. Write this down somewhere safe.

Step 7: Navigate to “Receive” and send BCH to the address it gives you. your address should look something like this: qptkkpcxlt4kusn2j6fpwm77d0gt0jvt25v6lr68yh 

For sending, I am using my bitcoin.com mobile app wallet, but any BCH wallet will work. Copy and paste or scan your address QR code on your external wallet and send any amount of BCH to your Electron Cash wallet address.

Step 8: Once you have your wallet, you will click the CashFusion logo (green circle) at the bottom right and it will light up green. Type in the password you just created. Normal’ should be selected.

Step 9: Right click the CashFusion logo at the bottom and press ‘fusions’. You will see your pending Fusions here and wait for it to show ‘complete’It will take some time to process. Wait for the fusion process to start, this could take up to 30 minutes for the outputs to confirm this transaction for CashFusion.

Step 10: Once you see a fusion is completed, navigate to history’ and you should see ‘confirmations’ show up in red. Right Click a transaction and select “Details.”

Step 11: Your inputs will be highlighted in yellow. All the other inputs and outputs are other participants and false positives for blockchain analytics companies. All inputs go into one pool and your exact transaction amount will be sent to you.

When you see all these inputs and outputs you have successfully mixed your Bitcoin Cash up amongst all other participants in the Cash Fusion. You can now send your Bitcoin Cash back to your bitcoin.com wallet or to any other BCH wallets you may have. You have now solved the biggest issue with on-chain privacy and chain analysis. Now nobody can see the original source of your BCH and where it came from or where it went. I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to use Electron Cash with CashFusion and continue to use this network for privacy.

By Zach Profeta

Build Your Own Coin: How to Create a Bitcoin Cash SLP Token

Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency - Sarson Funds Cryptocurrency Financial Advisors

Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency - Sarson Funds Cryptocurrency Financial Advisors

Weekly Analyst Thoughts

The mint.bitcoin.com wallet is a premier web wallet for Bitcoin Cash. This wallet is unique because it can create Simple Ledger Protocol Tokens (SLP tokens) for a fraction of a penny without the hassle of dealing with complicated wallet GUIs that are common in cryptocurrency wallets. SLP tokens are tokens built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, similar to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum. Below, see a quick tutorial on how to create an SLP token from the mint.bitcoin.com wallet.

SLP Token Creation Tutorial

  1. Go to mint.bitcoin.com, click “configure,” and then click seed phrase (mnemonic). Write down your seed phrase.

  1. Fund your wallet with a small amount of BCH, so you can create an SLP token (please do not send to this address- use your own mint.bitcoin.com wallet).

  1. Click create and fill out the token information including optional choices on fixed supply, token icon, whitepaper and token website.

  1. Click Create Token.

  1. You are done! You just created an SLP token on the BCH blockchain for a fraction of a penny.

Special Prize: I have sent 2 analyst note tokens to a specific SLP address and paid a BCH dividend of $1.

First person to claim the prize gets the 2 analyst tokens and $1 of BCH since I am attaching the public address and private key below.

Public Address:  qr03tzwdvnh3gyckuuwq0ucunr58em7wz5vctq9emg

Private Key: Ky5ppoE4Xs12pBWAFR4L89ZxTNfKTnv4Dy7A3UeFXmpiEU6PLkNt

By Jacob Stelter