Sarson Funds Removes Bitcoin SV from Fund Eligibility

Providing secure and transparent digital asset investment options is Sarson Funds’ priority one. To ensure this, our Blockchain Insider Assurance (BIA) team conducts regular and thorough reviews of digital assets under consideration for, or included in, Sarson Funds cryptocurrency investment funds.

Upon last week’s BIA team review, Sarson Funds has removed Bitcoin SV’s eligibility for inclusion in any Sarson Funds investment or project.

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are an emerging and maturing space and we want to ensure investors get access not only to digital assets that meet the basic eligibility requirements of our funds, but also that meet our high fiduciary and community value standards. Clearly, Bitcoin SV and the conduct of its team do not meet this standard.

Effectively immediately, Bitcoin SV has been indefinitely removed from the Sarson Funds investment universe.

Please contact us directly with any questions concerning this policy update.

Warm regards,

John Sarson & Jahon Jamali

Managing Partners

Sarson Funds